What our staff say

We asked our staff “What is the best thing about working for Brendoncare?” This is what they said:

  • “Everyone works well together, the residents and my work colleagues are just like one big family. When you first enter the home the atmosphere is lovely and friendly.”

    Colleague at Froxfield

  • “Because it is a charity, care is the focus behind our work. Whilst profits are important to develop services, I do not feel we are profit driven. A really good ethos behind Brendoncare.”

    Colleague at Woodhayes

  • “The leadership from unit managers right up to CEO is accessible and shows professionalism towards people and situations. You are given plenty of opportunities to voice your opinion if you wish to.”

    Colleague at Ronald Gibson House

  • “Being part of such a dedicated, caring and hard-working organisation. I am proud to be playing my part within it.”

    Colleague at Brendoncare Clubs

  • “The home has a nice atmosphere, the residents are lovely and the staff really care for the residents.”

    Colleague at Chiltern View

  • “The staff are lovely and as a new employee they have made me so welcome.”

    Colleague at Knightwood

  • “I love coming to work and being part of an excellent team. I enjoy being with our residents and helping to keep them safe and happy.”

    Colleague at Meadway

  • “I am treated with respect by my fellow colleagues. It is a friendly, relaxed and happy place to work.”

    Colleague at Alton

  • “Knowing that everything we do is for our residents and club members.”

    Colleague at Central Office

  • “It's like one big family, staff and residents together. I wouldn't want to work anywhere else.”

    Colleague at The Old Parsonage

  • “The residents and all people that work at Brendoncare are very respectful and caring towards everyone else at here.”

    Colleague at Park Road

  • “Brendoncare enriches and improves the lives of individuals. Not only the people we support, but employees as well.”

    Colleague at Stildon

  • What our staff say
  • What our staff say
  • What our staff say
  • What our staff say