40 Faces of Brendoncare – Dr Alex Ward

Written by: Alison Reijman Published: April 2, 2024

To mark World Health Day on Sunday (7th April), our 40 Faces of Brendoncare, celebrating the 40th anniversary of our charity, is Dr Alex Ward, the GP lead at Brendoncare Otterbourne Hill.


Dr Alex Ward, the GP lead at Brendoncare Otterbourne Hill.

World Health Day gives Brendoncare a chance to acknowledge the tremendous contribution that local health professionals make to the quality of life and wellbeing of our care home residents and extra care home residents.

One of those health professionals is Dr Alex Ward. He joined the Fryern Surgery in Chandlers Ford in 2018. Since then, he has been a regular and very welcome visitor at Brendoncare Otterbourne Hill and Mews.

Though he enjoys all areas of general practice, Dr Ward has a specific interest in dementia and care for older people. He is also Clinical Director of Chandlers Ford Primary Care Network (PCN) and Vice Chair of Wessex LMC (Local Medical Committees).

Dr Ward worked with the Brendoncare Otterbourne Hill and Mews team even before it opened and recalls when the building’s foundations were being laid.

He explains why he loves working with the team and residents.

Bricks and mortar

“It was hard to believe how simply adding bricks and mortar would create a place with so much joy, fun and life for the people living and working there.

“The Otterbourne Hill team works tirelessly to ensure that every birthday (not infrequently a 100th), every public holiday and all the little daily things are celebrated with warmth and the inclusion of all residents.

“They not only sing, dance and smile through the happy times, they also support and comfort people and their families through some of the hardest times too. Even in some of the most frightening COVID times, they did not let it affect the care, support, and comfort they gave when people were unable to be surrounded by their loved ones.”


Dr Ward continues: “As the GP responsible for looking after all the residents in both the nursing home and independent Mews apartments, I have had the privilege of meeting every person who has lived here since it opened. I have also worked with all the exceptional staff who have helped to make it such a wonderful place.

“As a busy GP, there is sometimes an urgency that comes with the territory and a level of stress that follows. However, something that sets apart my time at Otterbourne Hill is how, no matter the day, whenever I step through the doors, they make sure I feel part of the team.

“I have never been met with anything but a smile, so I do my best to ensure I can add a song when on my clinical rounds there. I, along with everyone else, feel very fortunate to be part of the care home team.


“Some of the highlights have included sitting with residents and my two young children, watching their fireworks display or going to see the care home’s Father Christmas. Both my sons have also dressed up for Halloween and have gone around scaring some of the Mews residents!

“Seeing some of my more vulnerable patients and my children laughing together, and allowing those two very different worlds to collide, is a privilege I never take for granted.”