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Welcome to our resource hub where you can be signposted and find useful information to help you on your journey with Brendoncare whether through our community membership services, in our care homes or extra care housing.

Paying for Care

Paying for care is a concern for many people as they age. Social care isn’t free and can be complicated to understand as there are potentially different sources of funding available, such as benefits, NHS funding, Local Authority payments and grants.

This Paying for Care summary aims to help you understand more about the process, so you can make a confident and informed decision about moving into a Brendoncare home.

It also explains the Brendoncare Care for Life promise; a guarantee that once you move into a Brendoncare home, you will never be asked to leave due to lack of funds.

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If you are interested in finding out more about Brendoncare, you can download a selection of our documents here to read at your leisure.

Annual Accounts (2022)

We publish our annual accounts to show how the money we receive from different sources including donations and grants is used for the benefit of the people we serve – our residents, club members and colleagues.


Gender Pay Gap Report (2022-23)

As an employer of more than 250 people, The Brendoncare Foundation is required to publish an annual gender pay gap report. This is a measure of the difference in the average earnings of men and women working for the organisation.


Impact Report (2020-21)

This report shows the impact we are making through the continuing help and support we give to older people and the communities in which they live.


General Care Homes FAQs

Will my loved one have their own room?

Are residents' food likes and dislikes catered for?

Can I bring my own items into a care home?

When can I visit my loved one?

Can I take my mother/father/relative out for the day?

Can residents bring pets?

Are you able to accommodate different faiths/cultures in your homes?

Do relatives have to pay for care homes?

Can I visit the home to see if I like it?

Residential Care FAQs

What is Residential Care?

How much are residential care home fees?

What's the difference between a residential care home and a nursing home?

What do residential care homes offer?

Is extra care housing the same as a care home?

Nursing Care FAQs

What is the difference between a care home and a nursing home?

What is nursing care?

What is life like in a nursing home?

Will nursing homes take people living with dementia and behaviours that challenge?

What services should I expect from a nursing home?

Dementia Care FAQs

What is dedicated dementia care?

How much does dedicated dementia care cost? Is there any financial support?

Can residents continue to see the same doctor?

Can residents participate in the running of the homes?

Respite Care FAQs

What is respite care?

How long is a respite stay?

What is the importance and benefits of respite care?

Who qualifies for respite care?

How does respite care affect carer's allowance?

Will I need to be assessed before I arrive?

What should I do if the person I care for refuses respite care?

Can I book a respite stay in advance?

How do I book a Respite Stay?

Community Services FAQs

What services can I access as part of my membership?

Is there any limit to the number of clubs I can attend?

What if my circumstances change?

I am a carer; do I have to pay?

Do you offer free or discounted membership?

Can I try a club before joining?

Do you provide transport to clubs?

How much is Brendoncare Community membership?

How do I pay for my Brendoncare membership?

Where can I find out more?

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